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Wednesday 7th November 2007

TBCT supports Arts Council�s call for additional �20m for the arts in 2008...

Temple Bar Cultural Trust (TBCT) supports the Arts Council�s bid to government for an additional �20m to support the arts in 2008. TBCT has hands-on experience of the level and quality of demand for funds for touring in all artforms.

We understand the public�s appetite for access to high quality arts experiences.

We know from our management of The Touring Experiment ( that additional funding will have a massive positive effect on public access to high quality arts events throughout the country.

Ireland now has an impressive physical infrastructure of theatres, arts centres and other venues for the arts; large numbers of people are involved professionally in managing and programming these venues; many thousands of people are involved as unpaid volunteers on the Boards of arts organisations; and we know that at least 85% of the public attend arts events.

TBCT Chief Executive Dermot McLaughlinsaid: �Additional funds for the arts will mean more work for artists and more arts activity for the public to enjoy. We know that it makes good economic sense for the State to support the arts; Ireland�s identity and international reputation rely heavily on culture and the arts; public demand for high quality arts and culture events is exceptionally strong as we know from initiatives like Culture Night, the Touring Experiment, annual arts festivals and the success of Dublin�s Cultural Quarter here in Temple Bar. Adequate funding of the Arts Council�s Partnership for the Arts means a modest additional �20m in 2008. We hope that the Government will ensure that the Arts Council is given the funds to enable it fulfill its commitments and plans for 2008.�